6 Wedding Planning Tips For The Newly Engaged

6 Wedding Planning Tips For The Newly Engaged

These wedding planning tips will hopefully take some of the pressure off newly engaged couples.  Wedding planning can be very intimidating to say the least.  Couples can use these 6 wedding planning tips to help make their journey more enjoyable.

Smart wedding planning is the secret to a glitch-free wedding.  To avoid numerous headaches, make a plan and stick with it.  Our wedding planner can help you with wedding planning ideas and suggestions to help you stay organized and reduce your stress levels.

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Before we begin with the list of wedding planning tips, we would like to say congratulations!  Allow some time for you and your fiance to enjoy the feeling of being engaged.  To those friends and family that are pushing you for details about your wedding plans, just tell them that you’re enjoying some special time together first.  When you’re ready to begin the wedding planning process, allow our wedding planner to help you.  She has a great deal of experience planning weddings in the Charlotte and surrounding areas.

6 Wedding Planning Tips For The Newly Engaged

Keep Everything Organized

We cannot stress this enough. By keeping everything organized, you lower your chances of something going wrong.  Make a wedding planning binder.  Keep all of your wedding information such as ideas, dates, times, locations, receipts, contracts and everything else wedding related.  Create an excel spreadsheet to maintain guest list details such as addresses to send invitations, track RSVPs and thank you notes.  Technology is your friend, use it to your advantage!

Start a Personalized Checklist

Once you decide on a wedding date, make a personalized wedding checklist.  Use it to determine what your tasks are on a month to month basis.  We have a checklist that will guide you on which details to take care of when.  You can get this checklist absolutely free by subscribing to our news updates.  Tailor the checklist around your schedule.  You’ll soon discover that by breaking down the wedding planning details into manageable time frames, wedding planning isn’t that intimidating.

Set Aside Time To Plan

You and your fiance need to set aside some time together to
focus on wedding planning (or completing wedding tasks once the planning is done).  Whether it’s a few hours per day or a
couple days per week.  Doing these together helps eliminate
confusion thus reducing stress.

Divide and Conquer With Communication

This is the best way to get things done efficiently.  You both
need to be involved every step through the entire wedding
planning process.  After making a detailed list of things to
do, divide the list in half by deciding what each of you would
like to take care of.  Communication is vital!  Keep in mind that if you’re sharing duties, also share the details.  It’s okay to
take care of some things by yourself, just make sure you’re
telling the other so that task isn’t repeated.

Flexibility and Fairness

There will be certain details that you and your partner will
disagree on.  Whether it’s the style of tuxedos or the flavor
of the wedding cake.  Flexibility and fairness are important to
keeping the peace throughout the planning process.  Try
compromising with your partner.  If you bend on one decision,
they can bend on another.

Dealing With Vendors

When you are dealing with wedding vendors such as caterers, florists etc, make sure you clarify all details and expectations during your initial meetings. It’s a good idea to get a contract that specifically covers dates, times, locations and spell everything out. Don’t think of this as being difficult.  You’re just insuring that you’re paying for and receiving exactly what you want to make your wedding day perfect for you.

Negotiating is always good but don’t sell yourself short on those important things just to get a good price.  Here is where wedding planners can really help.  Most have developed good relationships with vendors and can get better prices than you can.

Some very important things to remember are:

  • read the fine print before you sign anything
  • be aware of cancellation policies and fees
  • ask if there are grace periods to cancel in case you change your mind about the service or vendor, or if something happens and you need to postpone the wedding.

Congratulations once again!  We hope these tips get you started on a happy, stress free wedding planning journey.  Keep in mind that we have a 70 point wedding checklist available for free. All you need to do is join our news updates. There is no obligation and you can cancel at any time.

We hope you consider having your wedding at Olde Stone Villa, the most unique wedding and event venue in the south!  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour.

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