Hiring A Professional Charlotte Area Wedding Planner:  The Advantages

Hiring A Professional Charlotte Area Wedding Planner: The Advantages

Charlotte Area Wedding Planner – Do You Need One?

Many couples struggle with the decision of whether to hire a Charlotte area wedding planner or not.  Some wonder if it’s really worth the money, especially for those on a tight budget.

Hiring a Charlotte area wedding planner should be based largely upon personal preference and time available to devote to the wedding planning process.  If a couple believes that planning their wedding will not become a burden on their time or day-to-day activities, then they should keep their wedding planning to themselves.

However, if the thought of planning a wedding seems to be overwhelming, then by all means, hire a wedding planner to make your life easier.

Wedding planners in the Charlotte area are very adept in creating fabulous weddings.  Most already have established contacts and relationships with numerous vendors and knowledge about the best venues such as Olde Stone Villa.

For couples that are still undecided about hiring a professional Charlotte area wedding planner, here are some things to consider:

Hiring A Wedding Planner Will Save You Time

Planning a wedding can be an extremely daunting task and cause stress levels to rise significantly.  Couples worry about every single detail wanting everything to be perfect.  With the added stress, they may find it difficult to have an open mind when it comes to making decisions.

Planning a wedding does not happen overnight.  It is estimated that wedding planning takes 200 or more hours to complete.  A professional wedding planner can significantly lower a couple’s time and effort with the entire process.

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More Savings

One of the main objections to hiring a Charlotte area wedding planner is the additional cost.

Remember when we mentioned that wedding planners already have established contacts and relationships with vendors?  As a result of those relationships, many wedding planners are afforded discounts not available to the general public which are passed on to their clients saving them money.

Organized Planning

When it comes to wedding planning, couples may have a difficult time deciding exactly where to start.  There are just so many things to organize.  This is one area where a professional can really help the most.

Most wedding planners have their procedures set up with a timeline so no details are overlooked and everything is set up and ready in a timely manner.  They’ve done numerous weddings in the past so it becomes second nature to them.

The Decisions Are Still Yours

Some may feel that by hiring a wedding planner, they’re no longer making all of the decisions.  This is not the case as wedding planners will offer guidance, suggestions and assist couples to make the best decisions to fit their style of wedding and budget. Couples consider their options and ultimately decide what is best to create their perfect wedding day.

Confidence Boosters

Couples who hire professional Charlotte area wedding planners are generally more confident that their wedding will be perfect.  The bride and groom-to-be have enough wedding jitters about their pending marriage as it is, not having to worry about every single detail offers a bit of comfort.  Couples are more at ease knowing that their wedding details are in the hands of a professional.

Indeed, there could be no better person that is familiar with all the ins and outs of wedding planning more than a professional Charlotte area wedding planner.  They can save couples money by utilizing their established relationships with vendors, save couples time by using their established procedures and timeline to plan the entire event and offer couples peace of mind knowing their wedding plans are being handled by a professional.

Olde Stone Villa has a wonderful wedding planner available to help plan the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.  For more information, call (704) 488-7722 or send an email to info@oldestonevilla.com.  We look forward to helping you create your life-long memory.

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