The Perfect Wedding Recipe – Equal Parts Love And A Pinch Of Something Special

The Perfect Wedding Recipe – Equal Parts Love And A Pinch Of Something Special

Coming up with wedding ideas can be qutie challenging to some.  A wedding is an experience which transcends all of life’s most special events. It lives in your heart and is replayed in your mind far more often than even the videos and pictures which did their best to capture the magic of the moment.

All couples are unique, and every wedding idea needs to be carefully crafted around them with the same love and respect for the ceremony that they share for each other. Those are the simple facts of love, life and happily ever after.

Millions of brides and grooms, however, debate about what it takes to create that “special moment.” Some feel that it is all about following “tradition” while others share the belief that being memorable is the top priority. The one thing which can be agreed upon is that marriage symbolizes the eternal bonding of two people and represents all of the best sentiments of our society.

In the year 2016, this is virtually synonymous with defying the norm and putting forth some never before seen wedding ideas.

A Fresh New Venue:

The overwhelming majority of brides and grooms follow tradition by eloquently strolling down the narrow aisle while their life’s circle of friends and family watch from their assigned seats. As a result of this tradition, most who attend weddings may have a tendency to feel uninvolved. Twenty years later regrets from not being able to interact with all of those dearest to the heart may still linger. This common challenge can be eliminated by defying the traditional walk and introducing a revolutionary concept that identifies with the following:

1. Intricate placement of the seats so that they form a circle that starts wide and gets smaller as more seats are added.

2. Take into consideration the number of people that are coming and place extra seats on the outer layer.

3. Put the most beloved individuals in that inner circle where those “kiss the bride” words are going to take place.

4. Tell every member to bring a rose and a personally written note that does not have their name on it.

5. Inform them that they should secure the note around the stem of the rose.

6. As the walk starts, carry a large vase or two vases.

7. Collect each rose until you get to the very center.

8. Place the vase or vases in the center of the circle to symbolize the overwhelming love, togetherness, and acceptance.

9. After the wedding open the notes with your partner and read them.

10. Attempt to guess the lovely words that each person wrote.

All That’s Best of Dark and Bright:

Another one of those century long traditions becomes apparent when you have to read your most sincere thoughts to the one that you intend to spend the rest of your life with.

First, you have the weight of the world on your shoulders because a crowd of people are looking at you. Secondly, you somehow have to find the words to describe the indescribable feeling that you feel when you are with your life partner. All-in-all this results in vows falling short and being filled with verbal errors. There has to be a way to help curb the anxiety.

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One way to ease the tension of this potentially overwhelming experience is by bringing modern touches to the age-old vow process. By borrowing a line of poetry from Byron a dark room under the night sky might bring forth the best shades of both dark and bright.

Introducing a slideshow that includes several pictures of you and your partner. Those can be picked out by those closest to your heart. While those scroll across the screen have your pre-recorded words, play through the sound system. When the slideshow is concluded a prepared poem is read aloud to each other using the first letter of each name and telling the world, briefly and most cleverly why you love your partner:

L oving words which are personal.

O bvious adoration for all to see.

V erifying your commitment to each other.

E nsuring that the moment will be perfect and unique.

True Love Words Come From True Love Ways:

Tradition essentially states that the men and women who speak at a wedding are supposed to be chosen prior to the wedding. In addition to that, those men and women are almost always told to rehearse their words long before their actual speech. When men and women adhere to these rather unnecessary rules, they run into two major problems. First, their speech tends to come off as being inauthentic because it is so rehearsed and conscientiously pieced together. Secondly, those that are not given the chance to speak feel as if they are not as important as the men and women that were chosen to speak. Fixing these problems is a matter of introducing another bright idea.

Start off by having everyone that wants to speak put their name in a container that corresponds to the theme of the wedding on the big day. At the time which fits best between food, gifts and fun pick as many names from that box as you desire, not leaving out the traditional choices by role which may be pre-planned and arranged according to preference.

Lastly, just let the men and women conjure up words that come straight from their heart. The unrehearsed speeches will undoubtedly create a wedding that is memorable. You may want to decide at which point this event is planned if there is alcohol being served.

Overall the best part will be the fact that feelings are not hurt, and the mood is not compromised. This matches the way of selection with words of love for more harmony and reduces the potential of hurt feelings by using a random drawing to choose speakers.

Watch the Play – A Re-enactment of Love:

Millions of brides and grooms simply do not wish to be the life of the party. They love the person they are marrying, but cannot imagine being forced to proclaim their love for their partner in front of tons of critics (the audience).

First, they are likely to suffer stage fright. Secondly, they are attempting to convey a subject that has been consistently identified as unable to be put into words.

The best way to fix this problem is by having plays of your happiest moment with your partner reenacted either by friends or family or hiring actors. The couple can create a list of scenes and by choosing those who may be the life of the party your love for each other is depicted in a way nobody will ever forget. By doing this, the memories are forever remembered and the day can actually be enjoyed without some much anxiety for those less outgoing brides and grooms.

Themed or Casual Attire:

One constant that unites almost all married couples is their hatred for the traditional dress code and order of the overall wedding. If it must be formal and traditional, then there is nothing which can be changed except maybe changing clothes for everyone for the reception.

Many people are not accustomed to formal dress in today’s custom-fitting lifestyle menu, and a welcome change might be to go with an island theme or casual wear. Some fans of various sports are even having ceremonies with NFL jerseys, while some have costumes for guests.

Different is the new traditional for many brides and grooms. Saving money over formal wear and new dress outfits for the guests and creating a relaxed environment are both great benefits. Additionally, everyone can eat their food and have their drinks before the wedding ceremony if the couple wants it that way. Overall this novel concept allows the wedding to be casual, comfortable, and focused on the primary goal (loving one another).

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The Best Part:

Happily Ever After can come out of traditional ceremony or a thousand different ideas with unique and creative alternatives. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to creating perfect memories which last a lifetime. Creating the perfect wedding can be an enjoyable way to start a life of love and laughter together.

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